Welders have the hottest way

The company was founded in 2015 in Novo mesto. Its small beginnings were established by two employees with many years of experience in welding and installation.

We have earned the trust of our customers and business partners with the quality of our services. Today, our name represents 10 specialized welders and installers who perform their work professionally and efficiently.

Our priority service is TIG welding of stainless steel, particularly of hardware installation, process systems and other installations in the industry.

Our work is distinguished by a professional approach, unity, excellent organization of work and effective team work in the implementation of our projects.

Our company regularly and carefully carries out all preventive health and safety measures for our employees, thus ensuring a high degree of security when realizing our projects.


IMW service

Welding specialists

Imw varjenje cevovodi
Pipelines and industrial installation
Imw varjenje v kemijski industriji
Chemical industry
Varjenje v prehrambeni industriji
Pharmaceutical industry
strojne intalacije in procesni sistemi tehnologija
Hardware installation/process systems/technology
elektrarne in energetika
Power plants and energy
avtomobilska industrija
Automotive industry
izdelava strojev in njegovih delov
Manufacture of machinery and their individual parts
izdelava posod in njenih delov
Manufacture of vessels and their individual parts
Industrial maintenance and overhaul
reparaturna varjenja
Repair welding
Imw varjenje inox ograj
Inox fences
projektiranje in inzeniring
Design and engineering

Why leave the welding to us?

We are efficient

We are responsible

We weld all types of steel, steel products and their alloys

We are responsive

We weld on-site

We perform quality work

Laura Vuljanic - IMW Varjenje

Laura Vuljanić

TIG welding

MIG/MAG welding

Orbital welding

Isometry drawing and preparation of technical documentation


Daniel Vuljanić

TIG welding

MIG/MAG welding

Orbital welding


Electric arc welding

Autogenous welding/soldering

Our projects and references